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Diocesan Budget

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas - 2023 Approved & 2024 Proposed Budgets

The diocesan budget is organized into two different budgets, the Operating Budget and the Reaching Out Budget, in order to tell more clearly the story of the mission and ministries of the Diocese. Each year, the proposed budget must be approved by vote during Diocesan Council.  

The Operating Budget includes several parts: Support for the Episcopate, Support for the Ordained Ministry, Support for the Diocesan Offices at Bishop Jones Center, Contingency, Support for Ministry Programs Salaries, and Allowances and Benefits.

The Reaching Out Budget includes two major categories: Program for Mission and Outreach, and Program for Support of Congregations.

  • Click here to view the 2023 Approved and 2024 Proposed Budgets for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

Independent Audit Reports

Oroian, Guest, & Little, P.C., a team of Certified Public Accountants and advisors based in San Antonio, TX, conducts an independent audit of the consolidating financial statements of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas each year. Click the links below to save a copy of each Auditor's Report to your web browser's Downloads folder.

Contact Information

Questions regarding the Diocesan Budget or Audit Reports may be directed to the diocesan Financial Office.


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