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The Diocesan Commission on Recovery Ministries recognizes that alcoholism, drug dependency, co-dependency, eating disorders and other addictions affect many persons in our community. We believe that shame about these diseases, combined with a lack of information about addiction and knowledge of resources, keeps many people from receiving the help and treatment that is available.

We are committed to reducing the shame and offering hope through ongoing awareness and education in this Diocese. We will stay informed about community resources and offer referral assistance when needed. We will offer emotional and spiritual support for those persons who are struggling with addiction problems themselves, in family members or friends. Confidentiality is paramount with this ministry.‌


More resources and events are available on the Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church website, at Recovery Ministries is an independent, nationwide network of Episcopal laity and clergy, dioceses and parishes, schools, agencies, and other institutions - all with a common commitment to address the effects of addiction, in all its forms, in relation to the church's mission.


Contact the diocesan Recovery Ministries at

Spiritual Retreats in Recovery

Spiritual Retreats in Recovery are held twice a year, the first full weekend in May and the first full weekend in October, for anyone participating in or anyone who has participated in a 12-step recovery process.‌ Contact the Camps & Conferences office managers for more information, or visit the Events & Registration page for upcoming dates.


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