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In the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas we are blessed with varied ecosystems that include the Gulf of Mexico, barrier islands, bays and estuaries, fertile farm lands, semi-arid rangeland, and rugged hill country. And the Earth gives us many of us our livelihoods - the petrochemical industry, agriculture, shipping, fishing, and tourism.

Creation Care is not just about the environment. It is about all of Earth, our island home, including us, our families, and neighbors. It is about making a living as well as living gently on Earth. It is about recognizing our commitments and limitations while at the same time having a vision of what we can be.


The Creation Care Committee (previously Ecological Stewardship Committee) provides resources to help churches understand the spiritual value of Creation Care and practical information to help individuals transform their lives and become stewards of God's creation.

Christ calls us to a life of service and transformation. The world-wide problems that will result from climate change will ask of us to help people both at home and afar. We will experience transformation as we work to meet those needs. How can we as Christians serve and grow in faith during this time of change? What tools, methods, and resources are available to help us meet the challenges and reap the blessings of living a Christ-like life?

The Committee is working to develop programs and materials so that individual churches can:

  1. Help their members understand the spiritual value of creation care, and
  2. Provide practical information to transform their lives to become stewards of God's creation.


Sacred Earth: St. Mark's, San Marcos' Creation Care website hosts resources and information for the diocesan Creation Care Committee. The diocesan portion contains stories and specific information about special ecological features of our diocese, while the larger portion contains a plethora of information about resources and activities. Click here to read more.

The Way of Love - Love the Earth: St. Andrew's, San Antonio's Creation Care website includes educational resources about climate change and how churches can respond faithfully to it. Click here to read more.

The Episcopal Church Covenant for Creation Care: "In Jesus, God so loved the whole world. We follow Jesus, so we love the world God loves. Concerned for the global climate emergency, drawing on diverse approaches for our diverse contexts, we commit to form and restore loving, liberating, life-giving relationships with all of Creation." This covenant is a commitment to practice loving formation, liberating advocacy and life-giving conversation as individuals, congregations, ministries and dioceses. Click here to learn more.

"Episcopal Church Leader Urges Action on Climate Change": An ABC News anchor speaks with the Most Rev. Michael Curry, about the church’s efforts to fight climate change. Click here to view.


David Schrantz, Committee Chair:


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