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The Christian Formation Committee serves the 87 worshipping communities in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. Our goal is to provide Christian formation resources and guide congregations in forming disciples of all ages.

In September 2021, Suzanna Green was appointed Bishop’s Deputy for Christian Formation. The Deputy for Christian Formation is responsible for encouraging strong Christian formation for all ages and creating a diocesan-wide support system for the churches, in collaboration with the Rt. Rev. David Reed, Bishop of West Texas, and the Christian Formation Committee. Contact Suzanna Green, at and (210) 816-1949.

Click here to access resources and curriculum recommendations for Children & Youth Formation programs.

Lent Recommended Studies

There are so many Lenten studies to choose from each year sometimes it can be helpful to narrow it down a bit. Here are the top three studies that the Christian Formation committee recommends for Adults this year:

For the full list of recommended resources for 2024 click here.

Studying the Acts of the Apostles

In 2024 the Rt. Rev. Dr. David G. Read invites the diocese to study Acts. He states, “The Acts of the Apostles is the first book of the New Testament following The Gospels of Jesus Christ. Authored by Luke, the book of Acts describes the early life of the Christian movement as it wrestled with its relationship to Judaism, and as it learned to share the Gospel in the midst of the cultures of the 1st century. It is a story of missional movement and action as the Holy Spirit empowers the followers of Jesus Christ to live in the power of Christ’s resurrection and proclaim the Gospel throughout the Mediterranean, eventually reaching Rome – the center of the Roman Empire. As modern-day disciples of Jesus, we too find ourselves needing to learn to share the story of Jesus Christ in a culture and time when generations of people do not know him, or are not in a relationship with him. May the faith and work of the earliest Christians inspire us to do the work God has given us to do in our day.”


Books/Printed studies:

Commentaries/study Bibles for deeper study:

Video Studies:


Diocesan Study Resources

  • “Seek First the Kingdom: the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew”
  • The Gospel of Matthew mainly serves as a guide for Christians to live fearlessly into the ways of Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of Heaven, Matthew’s way of characterizing the Kingdom of God, is the vision that anchors this teaching.
  • “Proclaiming the Kingdom: Parables in the Gospel of Luke”
  • Parables reveal the nature of God’s kingdom, showing us there is no length to which God will not go to redeem God’s people. Study resource coming soon.
  • “The Beginning of the Good News: the Gospel of Mark”
  • The gospel of Mark conveys a dramatic sense of urgency, challenging Christians to remain resolutely steadfast in their radical commitment as disciples of Christ. Study resource coming soon.
  • “Clothed with Christ’s Love: the Epistle to the Colossians”
  • Nowhere else in the New Testament does an author expressly interpret the death and resurrection of Christ as already accomplishing God’s redemption of the entire cosmos.
  • “Love Overflowing: Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians”
  • Paul’s correspondence to his beloved and trusted church in Philippi is possibly his most beautiful and certainly one of his most powerful, yet practical letters, for Christians then and now.
  • “Amor desbordante: Epístola de Pablo a los filipense"
  • La correspondencia de Pablo a su amada iglesia en Filipos, en la cual tenía mucha confianza, es posiblemente su carta más hermosa y es ciertamente una de sus cartas más poderosas, pero prácticas, para los cristianos de entonces y de hoy.
  • “Christ in Me, Christ in You: An Introduction to Paul and His Letters to the Corinthians”
  • This study will help connect Paul’s teachings in 1st and 2nd Corinthians to your daily life as an individual, as a member of a Christian community, and in the role of church leader. Study resource coming soon.
  • “Rooted and Grounded in Love: the Book of Ephesians”
  • This letter offers readers an opportunity to read, study, and reflect on insights into what God has accomplished for the entire world in the person of  Christ.
  • “Welcome One Another Just as Christ Has Welcomed You: the Book of Romans”
  • Early Christians were concerned about how their disputes over faithful practice undermined their unity in Christ. Paul’s letter to the Romans addresses this and other important concerns about Christian living and believing. Study resource coming soon.

Bible Study Facilitator Training

Join Suzanna Green, Bishop's Deputy for Christian Formation, the Rev. Nancy Springer, Carter Huber, and the Rev. Reagan Gonzalez to learn how to start, plan, and host a bible study group at your church. In this :30 minute video they walk you through how to pick and use a curriculum, best practices for leading and facilitating, and resources for you to get started.

The Wisdom Years Ministry

The Wisdom Years is an emerging ministry created by a small working group of over-70 adults. We believe – and our lives attest – that these are the years when we have the time to look deeply at our relationship with God, to finally live into all that God is calling us to become, and to see blessings even amidst the diminishment of aging. Click here to learn more.


Suzanna Green
Bishop's Deputy for Christian Formation
Marjorie George
Adult Formation & Wisdom Years Leader - Grace Church, San Antonio

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