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July 19, 2022

Regarding Transitions: Standing Committee Extends Diocesan Survey Date to July 25

The Rev. Dr. Ben Nelson, President of the Standing Committee, sent in a video update from their meeting today to extend their thanks for the tremendous response to the Diocesan Survey and announces an extension to allow everyone the opportunity to submit their thoughts!

"Where you can be a part of this process is to fill out your survey," the Rev. Nelson shares. "Communicate with us so that we can know what all of our hopes are. One of the things we see in the early returns is that there are very definitive themes and things we care about and are passionate about as the people of West Texas."

The Executive Board will continue their work and use the data and the responses from the survey to begin to craft a diocesan profile that will share who we are in the diocese of West Texas. Once our profile is completed and we have communicated our hopes for what we are searching for in our next bishop we will begin to entertain nominations. But right now, we are in the process of discernment.

The Standing Committee remains committed to communicating as regularly as possible and in as many ways as possible to help you know and hear what is going on in the process. Please continue to keep the diocese, the Standing Committee, and the Executive Board in your prayers as well. Thank you for your kindness and love for Christ that is so often made known to us in the Diocese of West Texas.

Click here to take the Diocesan Survey.

Please note for questions 1 - 5: To write in an answer not listed in the choices, please use the "Other" box to share your thoughts with the Standing Committee and Executive Board. This does not count toward the requested responses from the list. Please choose the number requested on each question before submitting the form.

A Prayer for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas
Almighty God, giver of all good gifts, you have called us to a life-giving fellowship in the Diocese of West Texas: Encourage and build up in us the love of Christ Jesus that we might continue to strengthen the legacy of those who have tended and led this diocese with godly courage; look graciously upon us and on your whole Church; by your Spirit, guide the Standing Committee, the delegates, and the clergy who shall discern the one you call to be a bishop for our diocese; send us a faithful shepherd who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries. All this we pray in the name of Jesus Christ, who with you and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns now and forever. Amen.

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Standing Committee: The Rev. Dr. Ben Nelson, President; Mrs. Nancy Beauchamp; The Rev. Scott Brown; Dr. Elizabeth Manning; Mr. Richard Mosty; The Rev. Matt Wise

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