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Please review the email subscription options below and identify which communications you'd like to receive, then update your preferences using the "Sign Up" button. All email lists will receive occasional, one-off email communications related to that ministry.

Email Subscription Options

Questions about email subscriptions may be directed to the Communications Office:

Camps & Conferences: A quarterly newsletter with events, updates, stories, and giving opportunities pertaining to diocesan Camps & Conferences Department and the camping programs at Camp Capers, Mustang Island Conference Center, and Duncan Park. [See example]

Christian Formation: A quarterly newsletter written for clergy, staff members, and volunteer leaders with resources, events, and stories pertaining to leading Christian Formation and Education.  [See example]

College & Young Adult Ministries: A quarterly newsletter with resources, events, and stories pertaining to College and Young Adult Ministries. You will also receive occasional messages about new events and program updates. [See example]

Communication Resources: An occasional newsletter with resources, graphics, and bulletin copy for diocesan events. [See example]

Diocesan General Interest (Including Press Releases, Announcements, Bishop's Letters, Event Invitations): You'll receive regular Diocesan Office press releases, announcements, Bishop's letters, and event invitations as they are published on the diocesan website. This list receives between one and three emails per week. [See example]

Diocesan Weekly E-News: The weekly diocesan newsletter featuring a compilation of stories, blogs, announcements, events, resources, and job listings. Churches, clergy, and lay leaders may submit events and news stories to the E-News by completing this form. [See example]

Immigration Ministries: A regular newsletter with volunteer opportunities, stories, events, and resources pertaining to diocesan immigration ministries. [See example]

Military Ministry: A quarterly newsletter with events, news, outreach opportunities and more from the diocesan Military Ministry. [See example]

"Small Church, One Voice": A regular newsletter with events, stories, and resources for small congregations of the diocese from the Small Church Ministry Steering Committee. [See example]

TMI News & Notes: A weekly newsletter from TMI Episcopal, featuring student news, campus events, and other updates. TMI Episcopal is the Flagship private school of the Diocese, focused on developing lifelong servant leaders and following the teachings of Jesus Christ, while providing students with an excellent educational community. Click here to subscribe to this TMI publication.

World Missions: A monthly newsletter with mission opportunities, stories, events, resources, and giving opportunities pertaining to the Diocesan World Missions Department. [See example]


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