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November 14, 2022

Did You Know?: Choosing Lay Delegates for Council 2023 is Part of the Bishop Election

Did You Know?: Choosing Lay Delegates for Council 2023 is Part of the Bishop Election

An Education & Communication Series from the Bishop Nominating Committee*

Did you know? Each of the more than 20,000 persons and 87 congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas has a role to play in discerning the next Bishop Coadjutor, which will result in the election on February 18, 2023.

It’s true.

It starts with each of us praying continually for God’s blessing on this discerning process, his blessing on the new bishop-to-be, and his blessing on all of us in this holy season in our shared life together.

Electing and certifying lay delegates to the 119th Annual Council of the Diocese of West Texas is another step that each congregation is called to take. Alongside the clergy of the diocese*, lay delegates will spend February 16 to 18, 2023 voting for members of our governing bodies including the Standing Board and Executive Board, considering any Resolutions before Council, approving the Diocesan Budget, and voting in the election of a bishop. In addition to all of this official business, participants will also hear reports from diocesan ministries, gather for worship and prayer, and enjoy the sweetness of diocesan fellowship at the first in-person Council in several years.

Some of our congregations elect delegates and alternates during November, others in December, and some in January. Often election of delegates takes place at an annual meeting or at a called meeting for the sole purpose of electing delegates**. Our diocesan Canons also authorize Vestries or Bishop’s Committees to elect their congregation's delegation to Diocesan Council.

Both lay delegates and the clergy of the diocese will attend and be seated at the 119th Council of the Diocese of West Texas, certified and ready to place their vote in God’s hands and in the future of our beloved Diocese of West Texas.

You are a vital part of this holy process.


Discernment Forums

Anyone interested in more information about the nominees and hearing from them directly is invited to attend the in-person Discernment Forums taking place in January 2023 in Harlingen (January 27), Corpus Christi (January 28), and San Antonio (January 29). These conversations will be open to all, whether attending Council 2023 or not, and more information about the Forums will be released soon. At least one will be accessible online through livestream and recorded for future viewing. Written biographies for each nominee will be released in December 2022, accompanied by their answers to several reflection questions.


*Clergy of the Diocese: Only clergy who are canonically resident in the Diocese of West Texas will be allowed to vote in the Bishop Election.

**Delegate Certification: Each congregation will receive a letter regarding the Delegate Certification process from the Diocesan Secretary before the Thanksgiving Holiday.


News and updates from the Standing Committee will be shared by email, the diocesan Facebook and Instagram feed, and online, at

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*Bishop Nominating Committee

The Standing Committee Members
President - the Rev. Dr. Ben Nelson, TMI Episcopal, San Antonio
Mrs. Nancy Beauchamp, Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi
The Rev. Scott Brown, TMI Episcopal, San Antonio
Dr. Liz Manning, Holy Spirit, Dripping Springs
Mr. Richard Mosty, St. Peter’s, Kerrville
The Rev. Matthew Wise, St. Mark’s, San Antonio

The Assisting Members

Mrs. Thurma Hilton, St. Richard’s, Round Rock
The Rev. Alex Holloway, St. Margaret’s, San Antonio
The Rev. John Inserra, St. Alban’s, Harlingen
Ms. Andrea Knight, Resurrection, Windcrest
The Rev. Karen Morris, Emmanuel, Lockhart
The Rev. Arnoldo Romero, St. James, Del Rio

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