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September 30, 2021

Diocesan 2022 Nominating Committee Calls for Nominations

Dear fellow clergy and church wardens,

The Nominating Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas requests names of communicants willing to serve in elected offices of the Diocese, to be filled by the 2022 Diocesan Council.

God calls many persons in many ways, and often those calls are delivered by and/or affirmed by the invitation to participate at a local, diocesan, national, or even international level position. We ask you at this time to focus on those who might be called to serve at the diocesan level, beginning in 2022, for one or more elected offices. Please prayerfully consider that God might be calling you as well.

Each year, the diocesan Nominating Committee gathers names of individuals for the Council to consider for elected offices of the Diocese, which include the Executive Board, Standing Committee, Episcopal Church Corporation of West Texas, Sewanee: The University of the South Trustees, and TMI Episcopal Trustees.

We invite you now to identify and encourage members of your convocation to submit their names as potential candidates for election to the various offices which will be filled by the 2022 Diocesan Council. All names will be considered, but due to the changing needs of the diocese, not every name submitted will necessarily appear on the ballot.

As co-chairs of the Nomination Committee, we ask that you review the offices that need to be filled and prayerfully reflect on individuals whose leadership qualities and gifts might be a fit to serve in those positions. We all have a variety of strengths and experiences that can benefit one another, and our diocese as a whole. Seek out those who are faithful and passionate about serving our Lord through serving this diocese. Help them discern if God could be calling them to use the gifts he has bestowed upon them for the benefit of the larger body, and encourage them to allow their name to go forward for nomination to one of the elected positions that will be voted on by Diocesan Council.

Nomination forms are due no later than Tuesday, November 9th. All persons recommended must be 18 years-of-age or older and must be communicants within the convocation from which they are being nominated. Nominees are not required to attend Diocesan Council in order to be considered.

There are three ways to submit a nomination:

  1. Online: We encourage nominations to be submitted through the online form.
  2. Fillable PDF, via Email: Forms may also be completed in PDF format and submitted via email to as an attachment.
  3. Printed and Mailed: If necessary, the form may also be printed, completed by hand, and mailed to the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas; Attn: Leigh Saunders; P.O. Box 6885; San Antonio, TX 78209.

Please share the online Nomination Form with the individual(s) you are nominating for elected office(s), as the form is to be completed by the individual being nominated for elected office. Individuals may also nominate themselves, and complete the form as such.

We appreciate your time and consideration in this important matter. Thank you for inviting others to share in the ministry of Christ through the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.

The Rev. Andrew Green
Nominating Committee Co-Chair

Mr. Jim Sartwelle, III
Nominating Committee Co-Chair

Nominating Committee Members:

Jim Sartwelle, III, Co-Chair
The Rev. Andrew Green, Co-Chair
The Rev. Sam Hunnicutt
The Rev. Dr. Claudia Nalven
The Rev. Bonnie Reeves
Raymond Reynosa
The Rev. Arnoldo Romero
Grace Symmons
Lauren Warren

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