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Resources & Curricula
October 19, 2022

Advent Resources for Children, Youth, and Adults

The Christian Formation Committee serves congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas by providing resources to guide churches in forming disciples of all ages. As preparations continue for the Advent Season, the committee has collected the following resources for formation, specifically for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. These resources were shared initially in the Deputy for Christian Formation's quarterly newsletter for volunteer leaders, church staff members, clergy, and anyone involve in Christian Formation. Click here to sign up for this newsletter or click here to follow Christian Formation on Facebook, for events and seasonal resources. The most recent Christian Formation Newsletter is available for preview online at this link.

Resources for Youth, Children, and Families

Advent Devotionals and Calendars

Several Advent Calendar and Devotional options are listed below. Many are printable documents that could be distributed on Sundays or during an Advent gathering or used as an intergenerational study at your church. A few are online resources that could be shared on social media or in emails to youth and families or the entire congregation.

Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany

Advent Events:

Many churches kick off the Advent Season by hosting Advent wreaths making events. If your church is looking for additional intergenerational activities or a different event to try this year check out the ones below:

Christmas Pageant Scripts:

Advent 4, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day can be a great time to host a pageant with your congregation. While many churches primarily feature children in their pageants, make yours intergenerational by inviting adults or youth to participate as readers or play roles alongside children. If your church is looking for a script for this year check out the ones listed below:

Epiphany Events:

The season of Epiphany can be a great time for intergenerational congregation events. Here’s a few ideas ranging from a full Epiphany Pageant to a take-home chalking of the door activity.

Resources for Adults

Advent Studies

Use these studies for adult Sunday school or a mid-week Bible study at your church.

Advent Devotionals:

Check out these recommended Advent Devotionals for adults.

Study Resources from the Rev. Nancy Springer

Looking for a new adult study? The Rev. Nancy Springer, Associate Rector of St. Francis, Canyon Lake and Christian Formation Committee member, has customized study plans using The Bible Project, the Good and Beautiful book series, and the What If Jesus Were Serious book series. Each plan includes an outline and instructions for use, beginning in Advent and continuing through Epiphany or even Lent. The Bible Project study is suitable for any season and includes a full year of lessons. Click here to contact Mother Nancy for more information.

Episcopal Church Resources

Advent and Christmas resources recommended and published by The Episcopal Church can be found online as well, at

Online Resources for Children and Youth Formation
Online Resources for Adult Christian Formation

Questions regarding Christian Formation may be directed to

Photo from Christ Episcopal Church in San Antonio's 2021 Christmas Pageant.

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