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August 24, 2020

Ten Ways to Develop a Stewardship Culture at Your Church

  1. Pray for Guidance and Discernment in Stewardship Practices
    The most powerful place to start when developing a culture of stewardship is to ask for God's grace and guidance.
  2. Reaffirm the mission of the church
    Use the art of storytelling to clarify and explain who you are as a church community. The goal of your stories is to focus on the strengths of the church, the people of the church, its connections to the local community around the church, and to deepen relationships.
  3. Connect
    A critical component of stewardship is reaching out to congregants via phone, e-mail, and text message, before they give. Communicating to the group is important, and then touching base with individuals can deepen relationships even more.
  4. Show gratitude
    Thank people for their service and generosity as they serve the church. Share your expressions of gratitude with the whole church, to inspire others to find ways they can live generously.
  5. Inform and Guide
    Be transparent about where the church stands financially and how parishioners can help.
  6. Handwritten Notes
    The age-old tradition of handwritten notes of gratitude and care demonstrate your willingness to take extra time to focus on one person. This makes the recipient feel valued and deepens connections for you both.
  7. Weekly Offertory Reminders
    Remind congregants about the options to give as part of the service announcements (virtual or in-person), as well as in newsletters and on social media with a link to give online.
  8. Affirm Stewardship in Action
    Ask parishioners how they are serving others. Use the word stewardship to describe their care for others and discuss how it reflects God’s love.
  9. Ask
    Ask parishioners what they need right now from their church. During this time of COVID-19, the needs of members may be unique and very different than their status six months ago.
  10. Affirm Our Blessings
    Even when life feels complicated, money is tight, and we are riddled with concern, we are blessed. Create a space during worship services, or throughout the week, for parishioners to express their God-given blessings.

Stewardship Reading and Resources

Many of the following resources may not be written for church stewardship, but they share valuable principles for general stewardship and fundraising.

Written by Anne Spears, Director of Development for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. The diocesan Stewardship & Development Office provides resources for stewardship that will equip all churches and supports local, church development projects.

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