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God’s work does not know one single season and the Diocesan Development Office is available as a year-round resource to congregations in the Diocese of West Texas. Stewardship is founded in gratitude and the belief that what we have is not ours, but belongs to God. By definition, a “steward” is a person who looks after another’s property. We are all simply steward’s for what gifts God has provided us here on Earth.

Each congregation has different resources and many worry about finances. While we do not know if Jesus worried about having enough money as most churches do, we do know he miraculously fed the masses with five loaves and two fish with some to spare. We hope this space provides you with the resources necessary to conduct meaningful campaigns that embrace generosity according to God’s Word and Christ’s example.

Legacy Giving

Staff Contact

Leslie Mixson, Development Assistant
Office: 210-824-5387


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