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Supply Clergy serve the 87 congregations of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas in a variety of ways. Supply clergy cover Sunday services when needed, serve congregations during a priest's sabbatical time, and some serve congregations as interim rectors.

Supply clergy are either canonically resident in the Diocese, or they are licensed to serve after meeting with Bishop David Reed and/or Archdeacon Mike Besson. Non-resident clergy are issued a formal letter from the Bishop’s office, and their license is good for one year. At the end of the licensed year, non-resident clergy can renew for another year if they choose to do so.

Supply clergy are paid $150 for one service and $200 for two services per Sunday. They are also reimbursed for round trip mileage at the current IRS rate. If overnight accommodations are required, the cost is reimbursed by the congregation.

Congregations in the Diocese receive an updated supply clergy lists several times a year. If you need the most current list, or if you are interested in serving the Diocese as a supply clergy person, please contact Archdeacon Mike Besson at or by phone at 210-824-5387.


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