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The Department of Stewardship's mission is to education and inspire the members of the diocese with the larger meaning of Christian stewardship, and to lead them to accept their responsibility as stewards of God' gifts. This is achieved by helping clergy, vestries, and bishop's committees to develop a strong and continuous Christian stewardship focus in their congregation; periodic conferences or campaigns that set forth God's claim on our time, talents and treasure; and equipping qualified lay leaders and clergy to travel throughout the Diocese with a presentation of Christian stewardship as a way of life, and as a practical program in the Diocese.

We are accustomed to thinking of stewardship in terms of the annual "pledge drive." It happens once a year, and mostly we endure it as a necessary evil to raise money to run the church. But stewardship is not an annual "event" we hold in October. Stewardship is what we do with all that God has given us, all the time. This calendar takes stewardship out of the "annual occurrence" category and places it where it should be - right in front of us, all year ‘round.

Find a Stewardship Speaker

The Stewardship Department maintains a list of speakers equipped to make a custom stewardship presentation to your congregation, either in-person or online via Zoom. To request the Stewardship Speakers List, which includes both clergy and lay leaders from throughout the Diocese, email Canon Caroline Mowen.

TENS Resources

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS): TENS provides extensive stewardship resources and learning opportunities for Episcopal churches. All West Texas congregations are invited to use the diocesan membership credentials to access unlimited member resources: password - Luke9:17

  • Virtual Stewardship Presentation Overview & Materials (English, Spanish)
  • Deepening Our Stewardship Formation (English)

Examples of Narrative Budgets:

  • "Giving with Grateful & Generous Hearts." Grace Episcopal Church, Southgate, MI (2008) - "This one is dated, but the examples are good. They took their line-item budget and divided it into 5 categories."
  • "Growing, Giving, Serving in All Ways in Christ!" St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Brighton, MI (2008) - "This is another great example from a church in Michigan. They seem to lead the way in examples. Notice how they separate out their budget and use pictures and text to tell stories."
  • "2018 Narrative Budget." St. John's Episcopal Church, Midland, MI (2018) "This is a very robust brochure ready for print."
  • "Faith-filled Generosity." Church of the Holy Innocents, San Francisco, CA (2020)

Episcopal Parish Network Webinars

The Episcopal Parish Network and partners are working to connect and equip the Church during this time of challenge and change for everyone. These resources are an offering to the church and available at no-cost. Several recorded webinars are highlighted below; visit the Episcopal Parish Network Resources page for information about upcoming sessions.

How to Start?  

We are currently in a time of great uncertainty (how often have we heard this over the past few months?) and bringing up money and financial need feels difficult because many of parishioners may be experiencing financial strain, as well. This line of thinking, while normal, can propagate living from a fearful place and not the life-giving mission of the church. Faithfulness during these times is necessary to be able to breathe stability and community into the congregation.  

Webinar: Funding the Mission First: Trusting the Gospel in Times of Uncertainty

Developing your Annual Stewardship Plan: Hint—It's YEAR ROUND

Whether we are in the time of COVID, or regular time, creating a well-rounded stewardship plan is crucial to being able to live the mission of your church and its ministries. Typically developed in the Fall, stewardship drives are the backbone of church financial stability. In COVID times, we must be deliberate and start as early as possible to begin discussions with our lay leaders and congregation about the needs of the church and develop a plan that will help the church live out its mission.  

Webinar: Annual Stewardship Plans in the Age of COVID-19

How Can Clergy Encourage Generosity During a Pandemic:

Think about how exciting and hopeful it feels to receive pledges for the work of God’s church. Often, clergy and lay leaders feel uncomfortable discussing giving and asking for pledges so when pledges and offering arrives, there is a sense of relief. As the leaders of the church, it’s necessary to have the crucial conversations that will encourage generosity, even during these difficult times.  

Webinar: What Can Clergy do to Encourage Generosity in their Congregations During a Pandemic


Stewardship Department Co-Chairs: 
Canon Caroline Mowen and the Rev. Ram Lopez
Phone: (210/888) 824-5387


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