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The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas is committed to maintaining an environment in its churches, schools, and institutions that is free of abuse of children and youth and of sexual exploitation and harassment of adults. It is a commitment the diocese requires all ministers of the Church, lay and ordained, to make and uphold.

Safeguarding God's Children (SGC) is an in-depth educational and training program for preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in everyday life and in ministry. In order to increase awareness of this abuse and how perpetrators of sexual abuse can gain access to and groom children and youth, this training is required for all church and school personnel or volunteers who work with or around minors, to protect our children and youth from sexual abuse.

Certificates are valid for five (5) years, and then volunteers or staff must take the course again.

All summer and year-round staff and volunteers at Camp Capers, Mustang Island Conference Center, and Duncan Park take SGC annually, in addition to submitting an annual Background Check, per requirements of the Camps & Conferences Department and American Camp Association accreditation.

Safeguarding God's Children Training

Safeguarding God's Children Online, produced through CPG and Praesidium, Inc., is mandatory for all individuals who work or volunteer with children and youth in the Diocese of West Texas. All employees or volunteers who work with children or youth at diocesan churches, schools, ministries, and institutions are required to:

  1. View the assigned online Safeguarding God's Children videos,
  2. Read the Diocese of West Texas' Safeguarding God's Children Handbook, and
  3. Pass the test at the end of each video.

Click here to submit an online form, requesting Safeguarding God's Children training for an employee or volunteer.

Safeguarding God's Children, and other related training programs, were created by the Church Pension Group (CPG) in association with Praesidium, Inc. in response to General Convention Resolution B008, Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse, which mandates training in sexual abuse prevention.

Safeguarding God's People Course

Safeguarding God's People raises awareness to the problems and causes of sexual exploitation and sexual harassment in the Church and teaches ways to prevent sexual exploitation and sexual harassment in our diocesan workplaces and ministries.


Safeguarding God's Children

Safeguarding God's People


Email with questions about Safeguarding God's Children/People requirements or to request certificate of completion.


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