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The Books of Remembrance and Thanksgiving are ways to honor and remember those who have died or to give thanks for special persons or special events in our lives. The donations made are used to help fund scholarships for seminarians in the Diocese of West Texas.

Book of Remembrance Honorees‌

Updated March 2016

  • Marie Allen, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Evelyn Bailey, Friend of the Diocese‌
  • Norma Jean Bond, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Bill Colbert, Friend of the Diocese‌
  • Irene Ferrell, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • The Rev. George Graydon, St. Paul’s, Brownsville‌
  • The Rev. Robert B. Green, Church of the Annunciation, Luling‌
  • L.F. “B” Kuban, Grace Church, Port Lavaca‌
  • Sally Grace Love, Trinity, Victoria  ‌

Updated January 2016‌

  • Wheeler B Annen, All Saints, Corpus Christi‌
  • Nellie May Bierschale, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Patricia Ann Hutchins, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Gloria Kehl, St. David’s, San Antonio‌
  • James Michalik, Trinity, Victoria‌
  • Bunty Palmer, St. David’s, San Antonio‌
  • Julia “Judy” Welsh, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌

Updated April 2015

  • Sue Brown, St. Helena’s, Boerne‌
  • Robert & Ruth Chapman, Friend of the Diocese‌
  • Ann B. Davis, Friend of the Diocese‌
  • Joanne Fields, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Barbara Frey, Christ Church, San Antonio‌
  • Jerry Fulenwider, St. George, San Antonio‌
  • Pat High, St. Francis, Victoria‌
  • Philip D. Miller, Christ Church, San Antonio‌
  • Rev. Rollin Polk Jr., Christ Church, San Antonio‌
  • Suzanne Hampton Spillman, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Cecil Tilghman, Church of the Resurrection, Windcrest‌

Updated March 2015

  • Ann Moulton Albritton, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Jacqueline Allbright, St. Francis, Victoria‌
  • Lee Allbright, St. Francis, Victoria‌
  • Grace Margaret Anderson, Trinity, Victoria‌
  • Rev. Robert R. Baines Jr., Friend of the Diocese‌
  • Rev. John McRae Beebe, St. Thomas, San Antonio‌
  • Rev. Tom Bradfield, St. Boniface, Comfort‌
  • Laura Bradfield, St. Boniface, Comfort‌
  • Dr. Hatch W. Cummings, Grace, Llano‌
  • Alice M. Cummins, Christ Church, San Antonio‌
  • Beryl Cunningham, St. David’s, San Antonio‌
  • Joan Dell Dolce, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Betty Geeson, St. Francis, San Antonio‌
  • C. Eugene Jennings, Friend of the Diocese‌
  • Dorothy Diane Moller Lambert, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Louise Adelaide Pooley Leinweber, St. Peter’s‌
  • Rt. Rev. Gerald N. McAllister, Friend of the Diocese‌
  • Grace Ballard McCray, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Lucille Meckel, St. Helena’s, Boerne‌
  • Betty Jean Saylors, Friend of the Diocese‌
  • Margorie Ann Sewalt, Tinity, Victoria‌
  • Trilby Otclia Mosty Speakman, St. Peter’s, Kerrville‌
  • Barbara Stone, St. David’s, San Antonio‌
  • Rev. Roland Timberlake, Friend of the Diocese‌
  • William G. Wheeler, Trinity, San Antonio‌
  • Rev. Bill White, Epiphany, Kingsville

Send donations through your parish Book of Remembrance/Thanksgiving chairman or directly to Bonnie Cole, P.O. Box 6885, San Antonio, TX 78209. Please include name of the parish or mission to which the person being honored belongs or did belong. If the person being honored is from another diocese, state "Another Diocese"; If non-Episcopalian, state "Friend of the Diocese."

Make checks payable to DWTX and in the memo line say "Book of Remembrance." Please give name and address of relative to whom acknowledgement of the donation should be sent.


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