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July 22, 2020

Welcome to the New Website

The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new website at, now optimized for all devices with up to date web browser access. Following market research and the development of a new logo identity and brand, announced in February 2020, unveiling the new website completes an 18-month marketing contract with The RKD Studio in San Antonio.

The new website was developed with three primary audiences in mind:

  1. New Members and Guests - individuals that are new to the denomination or diocese, interested in learning about the services and programs available to themselves or their family
  2. Parishioners/Congregants - members and regular visitors of churches within the diocese, interested in connecting with the diocesan community and programs
  3. Clergy and Lay Church Leadership - staff and volunteers of local congregations within the diocese, interested in programs to grow their ministry and administrative resources

Focusing on each different user’s interests, experiences, and needs, the website connects people to information more intuitively and directly. Additionally, the new blog and event registration collections and tags are designed to help users discover new information and opportunities available to them that they may not be aware of. More detailed descriptions of new website features are outlined below.

Emily Kittrell, Director of Marketing and Communications, comments, “We are thrilled to have an online presence that we can be proud of, one that reflects God's movement in the individuals, churches, and ministries of our diocese more holistically. Due to the sheer volume of content on the existing website, determining how to transition it effectively and reframe it for multiple user groups was no small task. Like any major project, the website will be a work in progress that we continue to develop in effort to be as clear, concise, and compelling as possible. We are grateful to The RKD Studio for the expertise and direction they have provided, equipping us to be better storytellers and communicators in the digital age.”

The previous website will remain accessible until January 1,2021 at, although, the information and resources hosted there will no longer be updated by diocesan staff. 

Please submit requested corrections, changes, and feedback on the new site for review by the Communications team, by completing and submitting the forms available at Diocesan churches and institutions with questions about the new website may contact Emily Kittrell, Director of Marketing and Communications, at


New Website Features

Primary Navigation

The primary navigation menu is anchored at the top right-hand corner of the browser. It features Who We Are, with links to pages that illustrate aspects of the diocesan structure and office contacts, churches and schools, The Episcopal Church, and Employment Opportunities. What We Do offers links to various pages describing all of the programs, ministries, and committees offered at the diocesan level. Programs of the diocese are categorized under the main dropdown menu by the primary group that they serve, i.e. "For Adults", "For Children", and "For Families."

News & Stories

The newly structured blog, titled News & Stories is featured on the primary navigation menu for quick access to stories, announcements, press releases, Bishop's letters, and more. Readers may filter blog posts by selecting a category from the list found just below the main header. Blog categories include All, Events, Announcements, From the Bishop, Guest Author, News & Stories, and Resources & Curricula. Blogs may also be viewed by selecting a Tag from the "Filter by Tag" dropdown list. Tags provide more specific groupings based on location, age group, season, or department, and include options like Duncan Park, World Missions, Council, COVID-19, Episcopal Schools, Vital UM, etc.

Events & Registration

Events & Registration is found on the top navigation bar, and functions very similarly to the News & Stories page with events sorted by category listed just below the main header. Event categories include All, Episcopal Schools, Happening, Cursillo, Continuing Education, Diocesan Office, Families, World Missions, College & Young Adults, Committee Meetings, Wisdom Years, Cathedral Park, and Camps & Conferences.

Categories and Tags

Below each image tile for a blog posting or event, categories and tags are listed for that specific post. Those categories and tags can be selected, which will display all blog and event posts belonging to that category or tag. This feature enables individuals to discover new events they may be interested in and find event registration for a particular event more directly.

Resources & Archives

Resources and Archives is the first item in the top navigation bar. It serves as the primary landing page for church leadership and staff. The page is split into two groupings: Congregational Resources, including documents and links related to the operations, ministries, and development of local congregations, and Diocesan Resources, including items related to functions and processes at the diocesan level. Within these categories are lists of Quick Links for pages, documents, and forms pertaining to general areas of ministry and operations for the church and diocese, i.e.Faith Formation & Worship at the congregation level and Transition Ministry at the diocesan level.


Various forms are listed as Diocesan Resources on the Resources & Archives page. Four new online forms will simplify submitting information and requests to the Communications Team.

  • The Submit an Event form should be utilized to submit an event for publication through broader diocesan communication channels.
  • The Submit a Job form enables diocesan churches and institutions to submit details for a job posting on the website and in the weekly E-News.
  • The Request Web Updates form allows ministry leaders, department heads, and committee chairs to request changes or updates to their area of ministry’s page on the website.
  • The Request Coverage form is an easy way to submit an idea for a story, event information for publication in the weekly E-News or blog, or a resource to share with others in the diocese.

Episcopal Asset Map

The Episcopal Asset Map is a primary feature on the website home page, as well as on the Find a Church and Find a School pages. It provides access to location, contact, website, and service details for all diocesan churches and schools. Churches and Schools should ensure their information is accurate, following directions provided in this blog post


A responsive Search bar can be found at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Enter a word, phrase, or name into the provided box to locate all web pages or blog posts within that include it.

Diocesan churches and institutions with questions about the new website may contact Emily Kittrell, Director of Marketing and Communications, at

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