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November 8, 2023

TLU Takeover comes to St. Andrew’s!

Recently, a new community tradition has emerged at Texas Lutheran University - the TLU Takeover! The initiative has been created to strengthen TLU's connection with local churches. The idea of the Takeover was conceived by Campus Pastor Wes Cain and it was implemented by the students who worked with him in the campus ministries program. Much like it sounds, a TLU Takeover allows TLU students to lead the worship service of a local congregation. Students provide the music, read the scriptures, and assist in other ways during the service.

The TLU Takeover recently took place at St. Andrew’s, and it was a joyful occasion. College students led the entire service from start to finish, with music provided by the Campus Ministry Praise Band and the TLU Strings ensemble. President Cottrell gave a welcome and updates on TLU, and Pastor Wes delivered the sermon. The students skillfully planned and executed the service, resulting in a beautiful experience.

“TLU Campus Ministry is on a mission to share the good news of God and invite all to participate in the work of the Kingdom around them,” Pastor Wes said. “Our student leaders believe that this extends beyond the boundaries of our campus, and they are excited to bring a glimpse of what God is doing at TLU to other congregations and communities. We hope that, through this experience, others will come to know God better, inspiring and encouraging them to join in celebrating and spreading the Gospel message of life and love.”

This kind of activity provides a wonderful way for local congregations to learn more about TLU and for TLU to share in worship with our community friends and neighbors. We are fortunate at St. Andrew's to have numerous connections with the local university. This is just one example that highlights how churches can efficiently establish connections with young people and their communities.

“As our students pursue their college journey, our mission calls for us to be attentive to their spiritual development and to further their sense of community engagement. TLU Takeovers nicely blends both of those elements, connecting our students to the vibrant and welcoming churches that surround us in this area,” President Cottrell shared.

St. Andrew's has established several connections with TLU, such as providing home-cooked meals for students, offering support for the food pantry, arranging monthly coffee chats with Fr. Stephen, and offering choral scholarships. Churches and colleges can find numerous opportunities to establish meaningful connections, and TLU is fortunate to have St. Andrew's as a part of their community.

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