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April 3, 2020

"Tangible Resurrection: Palm Sunday" - From Bp. Reed

[April 3, 2020] This video is the second part in a Holy Week video mini-series from the Rt. Rev. David Reed, Bishop of West Texas. In "Tangible Resurrection: Keeping Holy Week in a Time of Distance," Bishop Reed reflects on the spiritual richness of walking the road to Jerusalem with Jesus during a Holy Week marked by physical distance.

In his Palm Sunday video, Bishop Reed shares, "As I think about the Gospel leading up to Palm Sunday, in all four of the Gospels there is so much that happens over those three years, but it happens fairly quickly; the life of Jesus and his public ministry unfolds fairly quickly. But it's also taking place in a landscape that's wide open. There are beaches and hillsides, and fields and mountains, and deserts and wilderness. And there seems to be so much space, so much freedom in following Jesus in this grand adventure to which we're called. But, when we get to Palm Sunday it all closes in.

Jesus enters through the gate into the city, and there are crowds of people. Homes are close together, and the streets are narrow. So, there is this narrowing down of the landscape, and it makes me very mindful of how narrowed down our own landscapes are right now, how confining life is in this time of pandemic. And yet, in Jerusalem, in the Holy City, in those closed-in spaces - the mystery of the Passion was unfolding, the heart of God's love was going to be revealed in the events that unfold in that time.

And so my hope is that as we move through this together, physically separate and yet together, that we'll remember, we'll take hold of the power of the Gospel. We'll take hold of these events that contain all of life for us and for the world."

"Tangible Resurrection" premiered Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 on diocesan social media accounts and blog.

Four additional episodes will be released for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, with the following schedule:

Part 1: Introduction & Invitation - Thursday, April 2nd
Part 2: Palm Sunday - Friday, April 3rd
Part 3: Maundy Thursday - Tuesday, April 7th
Part 4: Good Friday - Thursday, April 9th
Part 5: Easter Sunday - Saturday, April 11th

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