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October 16, 2023

St. Francis by the Lake in Canyon Lake is Empowering Parishioners to Lead Small Groups

A Small Group Bible Study at St. Francis by the Lake, Canyon Lake was requested by a parishioner who wanted to both be a part of and help lead a Bible study. The BibleProject’s reading through the Bible in a year schedule and supporting videos is the format for the group. A kick-off dinner was scheduled and promoted as a way to learn about the small group study with no obligation to participate.

During dinner, "Intro to the Bible" from the “How to Read the Bible” video series was shown. Leaders also shared what the Bible is and isn’t and provided the reading schedule and videos to prepare for small group conversations. Participants could select from four different times each week. They were encouraged to stay with the same group, but they could switch to a different one if their schedule changed. More than 30 folks signed up for it!

Participants received a weekly email containing reading and video assignments. To track the overall reading progress, BibleProject provides posters for each video, which are displayed in the Ministry and Outreach Center. Participants signed the posters as they complete each book. The conversations in the small groups were lively and it was so exciting to experience everyone’s view of the Bible come to life! At all the other church gatherings throughout each week, folks would ask each other “What did you talk about in your group?” with as much excitement as they asked about their kids and grandkids.

St. Francis by the Lake wholeheartedly recommends the BibleProject as a great source for reading the Bible in a year and encourages everyone to form a group to talk about what you are reading each week. It is life-giving and deeply formative as together we follow Jesus into the Kingdom on earth as in heaven.

Written by the Rev. Nancy Springer, Associate Rector of St. Francis by the Lake Episcopal Church in Canyon Lake, Texas.

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