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March 28, 2023

Creation Care Ministry Spotlight: "Held in the Arms of God"

The Creation Care Committee provides resources to help individuals and congregations become better stewards of God's creation and to inspire all to explore the spiritual nature of Creation Care. With this in mind, committee members are sharing stories of their love of nature and all beings in God’s good creation.

At the age of four, Creation’s power and her generosity came to me.

Living in Bellingham, Washington, our backyard sloped down to Lake Whatcom. An island sat in the lake, and my family would steer our rowboat to this island for summer picnics on its sandy shores.

Playing with the waves lapping up and tickling my toes was the best game ever. I’d run away as the waves washed up and then bravely go out further as they receded. The water was fully alive, playing right along; this was my very first memory of “living water.” When the waves enticed me further still, they pulled me under. But as I floated under water, my body rocked in gentle arms and I was not afraid.  

Then, above the surface of the water, a large dark and fuzzy shape, birdlike, with wings stretching wide, flapped furiously. This creature was my mother! She scooped me up and held me so close I could feel her heart pounding as she whispered thanks to the great waters of that mountain lake for giving me back to her.

My little body knew somehow that while under water I was held in the arms of God. Later, I learned about “living water,” a luscious metaphor for Jesus. And the reality that Christ lives and breathes throughout all of Creation had beguiled me at the tender age of four.  

That’s when the love affair began. Creation and I have been smitten ever since!  

Sam Gilliam
Reconciliation, San Antonio

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