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September 29, 2022

Clergy and Lay Nominees Needed for Elected Diocesan Offices

The Nominating Committee of the Diocese Seeks Clergy and Lay Nominees for Elected Offices to be Filled at Council 2023

Online nominations forms are due no later than November 4, 2022.

We all know there is a Bishop’s election coming up at Council, but don’t forget we will have all of our normal elections, as well! You know the drill. Your Diocesan Nominating Committee needs nominees, as many and as varied as we can get. We need good nominees, faithful and trusted leaders from every corner of the diocese. And we need your help to get them.

My co-chair and I have been around the diocese long enough to know how this works. The Nominating Committee sends out an email. Everyone ignores it. We send another one. Everyone says, “Oh yeah, gotta do that.” And ignores it. Then the Nominating Committee starts feeling the pressure and calls everyone they know begging for names to be submitted. And sure enough, we end up with all the nominees we need.

Here's an idea. Let’s do it early this year. Mark some time on your calendar a few days from now to reach out to potential nominees. Get it done before you get caught up in the swirl of stewardship and Advent. Think and pray about who you can ask to serve. Think and pray about how you can serve, as well.

Each year, the diocesan Nominating Committee gathers names of individuals for the Council to consider for elected offices of the Diocese, including the Executive Board, Standing Committee, and Episcopal Church Corporation of West Texas, as well as Sewanee: The University of the South Trustees and TMI Episcopal Board of Governors. In 2023, we will elect deputies and alternate deputies to the 2024 General Convention, as well. Information about each committee is attached here and at the bottom of this email.

Please share the online Nomination Form with the individual(s) you are nominating for elected office(s), as the person being nominated for elected office must complete the form on their own behalf. You may also nominate yourself, and complete the form as such.

We know how busy you all are this time of year. And we know that you know how important it is that we continue to raise up leaders in God’s Church. Thank you for taking the time to pray, consider, and invite others to share in the leadership of this diocese.

The Rev. Jay George
Nominating Committee Co-Chair

Mrs. Lauren Warren
Nominating Committee Co-Chair

Submitting Your Name for Elected Office of the Diocese

We encourage nominations to be submitted through the online Council Nomination Form. If you need assistance submitting your online nomination form, you may call the diocesan office, at (210/888) 824-5387.

Nomination forms are due no later than November 4, 2022. All persons recommended must be 18 years-of-age or older and must be communicants within the convocation from which they are being nominated. Nominees are not required to attend Diocesan Council in order to be considered.

Elected Offices to be Filled by Council 2023
Council Nomination Form
Diocesan Constitution and Canons

Diocesan Nominating Committee: The Rev. Jay George, Co-Chair; Lauren Warren, Co-Chair; Meredith Borrego; The Rev. Jim Kee-Rees; Ross Rommel; The Rev. Tom Turner; Mike Weaver

Discerning Together: Bishop Nominations Open Through October 10, 2022

Although overlapping, the timeline and process to be nominated for Diocesan Elected Offices is separate from the ongoing work to discern and call the next Bishop of West Texas.

To learn more, visit

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