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May 8, 2020

Changes to Summer Camp 2020 Calendar

May 8, 2020

Diocesan camp staff have been monitoring the daily progression of the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping for the best, planning for many different scenarios, and continuously praying for the health and safety of the camp community and for every person affected by this virus. The directors are expecting camp-specific operational recommendations and guidelines soon from their national accrediting body, the American Camp Association (ACA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, the publication of these guidelines and recommendations has been delayed, and as the State of Texas begins its gradual reopening this month, the Camps and Conferences Department cannot wait any longer to make decisions regarding the first half of the summer season.

Several points cannot be emphasized enough. One, the health and safety of campers, staff, and the camp community has been and always will be the top priority. Two, the love, faith, and patience of the camps community during this time has been incredible and is greatly appreciated. And three, no matter what happens this year, the diocesan camping programs will continue their mission of showing the love of God to all that enter their gates.

Based on information the camps staff are receiving from local, state and the national government, the American Camp Association and CDC, Episcopal Church, Camp, and Conference Association, our local pediatrician and other camps in Texas and across the nation, the following decisions have been made regarding DWTX ‘s 2020 summer camp ministry.

  • Mustang Island Conference Center will cancel Session 1 and Session 2 of Family Camp and begin the summer with Family Camp Session 3 on June 11, 2020. Open Family Camp sessions are listed below.
  • Camp Capers will cancel all "A" Session Summer Camp sessions and begin the summer with Senior High Camp B on July 5, 2020. Open Camp Capers sessions are listed below.
    Click here to read a letter from the Camp Capers Director, Johnson Jeffers.
  • Duncan Park will cancel all youth Summer Camp sessions, due to complicated travel logistics, and delay the start of adult, Family Camp, and retreat programs until July. Open Duncan Park camp sessions are listed below.
    Click here to read a letter from the Duncan Park Director, Katie Young.

Camper families who have already registered for a cancelled session at Camp Capers, Mustang Island Conference Center, or Duncan Park can contact the camp offices directly (information listed below) to transfer their session registration to a different 2020 or 2021 session, request a full refund of paid registration fees, or choose to donate registration fees to the Camps Scholarship Fund.

The camp staff worked together to consider comprehensively the many factors that inform these difficult decisions, prioritizing camper and staff safety above all else. Since the pandemic is constantly changing and new information is presented daily, further adaptations may be announced as the summer progresses.

The 2020 ongoing summer programs will look different as each camp program implements new, stringent guidelines to protect the health and safety of the camp community. Contact Rob Watson, Director of Camps & Conferences, or the staff listed below, with further questions.

Mustang Island Family Camp Dates

  • Session 3 (June 11 - 14)
  • Session 4 (June 18 - 21)
  • Session 5 (June 25 - 28)
  • Session 6 (July 2 - 5)
  • Session 7 (July 9 - 12)
  • Session 8 (July 16 - 19)
  • Session 9 (July 23 - 26)
  • Session 10 (July 30 - August 2)
  • Session 11 (August 6 - 9)
  • Labor Day Family Camp (September 4 - 7)

Click here for more information about Mustang Island Family Camp; contact the conference center with questions and for registration help. Camper families previously registered for Sessions 1 or 2 should email the conference center for assistance.

Kevin Spaeth, Director of Operations (email)
Lynn Corby, Office Manager (email)
Office Phone: (361) 749-1800

Camp Capers Summer and Fall Dates

  • Senior High Camp B (July 5 - 11) For rising 10th to 12th, and graduated 12th graders
  • Junior High Camp B (July 12 - 18) For rising 8th & 9th graders
  • Intermediate Camp B (July 26 - August 1) For rising 6th & 7th graders
  • Primary Camp B (August 2 - 8) For rising 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders

  • Mother/Daughter Retreat (September 11 - 13)
  • Mother/Son and Father/Daughter Retreat (October 9 - 11)

Click here to see Camp Capers' 2021 Summer Camp dates.

Click here for more information about Camp Capers Summer Camp; contact the camp office with questions and for registration help. Camper families whose "A" session was canceled should email Camp Capers for assistance.

Johnson Jeffers, Director (email)
Lisa Wray, Office Manager (email)
Alida Garcia, Program Director (email)
Office Phone: (830) 995-3966

Duncan Park Summer and Fall Dates

  • Veteran Family Camp (July 5 - 10)
  • DWTX Family Camp 2 (July 12 - 17)
  • Adult Backpacking Camp (July 19 - 25)
  • DWTX Family Camp 1 (July 26 - 31)

  • Book of Nature Retreat, led by the Rev. Mike Marsh (August 20 - 24)
  • Enneagram and Spiritual Practice Retreat, led by Lucy Strandlund (September 3 - 7)

Click here for more information about Duncan Park Family Camps and retreats; contact the director with questions and for registration help. Camper families whose session was canceled should email Duncan Park with registration questions.

Katie Young, Director (email)
Phone: (325) 370-7901

Rob Watson, Director of Camps & Conferences (email)
Phone: (210) 837-2788

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