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April 20, 2021

Camps Annual Campaign Committee Calls for Support

by the Rev. Ripp Hardaway  

Some of the joys of Facebook are the connections and groups we are able to make from anywhere in the world. For me, one of the great connections that span many generations are the Camp Capers alumni groups. In fact, there is one set up for people who went to camp in the 1990s. I love seeing the pictures that people will post and reading the memories shared from their experiences at Camp Capers.

These memories share some general themes that I wonder if we take for granted when we think of what summer camp means to a young person. Number one tends to be the deep friendships that were formed at camp - friendships that have lasted decades after our eligibility to be a camper passed. I can relate to this as I have the blessing of talking and texting a group of six guys on a weekly basis.  Even this past weekend I spent time with friends from my time at Camp Capers in College Station since our daughters now attend school there together.  

The most important theme that comes forth is the manner in which camp helped them establish a deep faith in God. Many of the alumni who post are still active in the Episcopal Church while some others are active in other churches. There is something about the pattern of morning prayer, singing grace at meals, a time of teaching each day, Compline, and cabin devotions that deepens our faith, planting a relationship with Christ that lasts a lifetime.  

Then there are the memories. Remembering these formative, powerful experiences can root us in times where our footing seems uncertain. Since I have a long history at Camp Capers, I still encounter people who remember teachings, faith activities, and conversations that continue to be an encouragement in their walk with Christ.  

Our diocese is also so incredibly blessed with Mustang Island Conference Center and Duncan Park. I have been a part of the programs at both places and witnessed the friendships, nurturing of faith, and memories that are being developed each and every week whether our campers gather in the mountains, on the beach, or on the banks of the Guadalupe.  

I pray that you know that when you contribute to this fund, this is the what you are committing to being a part of in the lives of hundreds of people each year. We are bringing together children, youth, and families from all walks of life and all corners of our Diocese so that they can build new memories, form friendships, and nurture a faith that will sustain them through whatever it may be that life has to offer them. I cannot imagine a greater way to bless the ministry that God is doing in our diocese than helping people grow in their faith through these great Camps.  

If you are not giving, I invite you to join me and my wife, Sue. We give $50 a month to the Camps Annual Fund in order to bless others as we and our children have been blessed. If you are interested in giving, please visit Camps Annual Campaign Online giving page , or use one of the other giving options listed below.

In Christ,

Ripp+ Hardaway

Rector, St. John's, New Braunfels
Camps Annual Campaign, Co-Chair

Ways to Give to the Camps Annual Fund
  1. Online, at
  2. Text "Camp" to (210) 796-6805.
  3. Mail a check to the diocesan office*, made out to "DWTX" and labeled "Camps Annual Campaign."

*Diocese of West Texas
Attn: Camps Annual Campaign
P.O. Box 6885
San Antonio, TX 78209

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