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From the Bishop
October 22, 2020

Bishop's Message to the Diocese: October 2020

The Rt. Rev. David M. Reed, Bishop of West Texas, offers a reflection on Christian stewardship and how to think through individual giving during this COVID-19 season.

In his message, Bishop Reed shares, "We're in the midst of a time of tremendous financial anxiety and uncertainty. There's uncertainty about what the future is going to be like, what the economy is going to be like next year. And yet, just as Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, the practice of stewardship is not determined by the environment in which we practice it. Stewardship is all we do, all the time, with all we have in response to the Good News of Jesus Christ. And so, our giving, even in a time of pandemic, is not based on the circumstances around us. It's based on the relationship we have, the relationship we desire to have with God and Jesus Christ. "

... "The call for us is, in all things, is participation in God's life and participation in God's redemptive work. And so, giving in and through the church, is not dues paying, it's a spiritual tool, like a lot of other spiritual tools, that free us up to live the kind of life to which we are called, and the life that deep down is our heart's desire."

Full transcript of the video message is available now for download. Haga clic aquí para leer la transcripción en español; gracias, Christ Church en Laredo, por ayudar con la traducción.

Stewardship Resources
  • The diocesan Stewardship Department maintains a list of speakers equipped to make a custom stewardship presentation to Episcopal congregations in the Diocese of West Texas, either in-person or online via Zoom. To request the Stewardship Speakers List, which includes both clergy and lay leaders from throughout the Diocese, email the Stewardship Co-Chair, Canon Caroline Mowen at
  • The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) provides extensive stewardship resources and learning opportunities for Episcopal churches.
  • More Stewardship information, webinar recordings, and recommended print resources can be found on the diocesan Department of Stewardship page.

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