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From the Bishop
December 3, 2020

Bishop Reed Issues Official Decree in the Spirit of Advent Season

TO: All God's Beloved Children in Christ Jesus in the Diocese of West Texas

Greetings to you in this Holy Season of Advent! I bring you tidings of great joy this day!

I, David M. Reed, by Grace and God’s Good Humor, the Tenth Bishop of West Texas, do hereby announce and decree to all that I have given my permission to Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, to travel far and wide in the Diocese beginning this Sunday, December the Sixth, for the Purposes of proclaiming boldly the Good News and continuing the Good and Ho-Ho-Holy Work to which he has given himself wholeheartedly since the Fourth Century.

I have prepared no Guidelines which need to be followed to celebrate his Arrival, nor have I formed a Task Force to study such celebrations for three years, nor will there be put forward Council Resolutions with numerous Clauses to be debated. Simply find a way to celebrate.

Bishop Nicholas will travel extensively within this Blessed and Humongous Diocese. I do not know his exact itinerary, and he tends to work odd hours; however, I implore you to watch out and not pout, for he surely will visit you. I trust that you will receive the dear old Bishop with open arms. Though he does have a reputation for keeping track of when you’ve been bad or good, in all things he is the Humble Servant of our Lord Jesus, who embodies Grace, Mercy and Love, and who readily extends those Gifts to God’s Beloved Children.

The People and Congregations of West Texas are rightly recognized as offering generous Hospitality to visitors, and I am sure that Bishop Nicholas will be blessed by your welcome.

Let it be known, furthermore, that he comes seeking our help. As a servant of Christ, he has become the generous and beloved Patron of many causes, but none are dearer to him than Children, Prisoners, and Sailors. Therefore, I encourage you to fervently resist all Grinchiness and join him in his Ministries - serving neighbors who are in need, far from home, lonely and often overlooked, especially in your own Community.

I pray this Advent is blessed with Light and Peace as we wait, watch, and prepare for the coming of Jesus at Christmas and always. May the kind and generous Spirit of Blessed Nicolas fill our homes and hearts with Joy.

Given under my Hand and Seal, and with a Debt of Gratitude to my Brother Bishop Brian Seage of Mississippi for the Idea, in San Antonio, Texas, on this the Third Day of December, during the First Week of Advent, in the Most Strange Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty, and in the 14th Year of my Episcopate.

Love in Christ,

+David Reed

Bishop of West Texas
& Protector of the Order of Elves

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