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Ministry Spotlights
April 9, 2024

An Update from Camps & Conferences Director, Rob Watson

Looking across the Bell Tower field from the dining hall, the shape of the Camp Capers St. Francis Chapel is evolving, all the while retaining its foundation and beauty. The limestone rock and wooden rafters listened to and helped shepherd 75 years of songs, prayers, joy, discovery, epiphany, tears, and amazing grace.

In a peaceful and restful state, it awaits new life, new songs, new prayers, new joy, new discoveries, new epiphanies, new tears and abundant, overflowing, amazing grace.

The de-construction crew has taken great care, slowly dismantling the scared space, helping ensure we can re-use the materials in the new building. Ninety percent of the stone is saved and all the ceiling rafters.

One can’t help but be moved by the transformation unfolding before our eyes, The history backdrop behind the empty chapel shell all the thin space holding a place for the future.

It is easy to feel the Holy Spirit present, guarding precious memories, waiting for new children and staff to come inside, share prayers and sing hymns of love, lament, and praise.

This spring and summer, retreat guests, families, campers, and staff will all watch, with great anticipation, as the new chapel rises from the ground with new life and new promise. The beautiful new St. Francis Chapel will be completed at the end of June, in time for summer campers to enjoy and help dedicate.

There are many wonderful things going on this spring and summer at Camp Capers and Mustang Island and Duncan Park! I hope that you can join us and experience new life abundant!

Rob Watson

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