Governing Bodies

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Diocesan Executive Board

The Executive Board exercises all powers of the Diocesan Council between its meetings in connection with long-range planning, development, and carrying information on the work of the diocese. It is to supervise and direct the acts of the trustees of the Church Corporation and also to perform such work as has been given to it by Council. The Executive Board is composed of 18 elected members of whom six are clergy and 12 lay persons, all communicants of the diocese and all elected by Council.

Executive Board Members:

Elected, February 2018
Steve Alwais
Nancy Beauchamp
Michele Koch
The Rev. Ram Lopez
Elizabeth Manning
The Rev. Jonathan Wickham

Elected, February 2017
Wheless Baker
Tommy Funk
Gayle Gottlich
The Rev. Carol Morehead
Emily Vandewalle
The Rev. Chuck Woehler

Elected, February 2016
Alice Ann Fischer
The Rev. John Hill
Brian Kates
The Rev. Bonnie Reeves
Martha Steves
Libby Templeton

Bishop Reed
Bishop Brooke-Davidson
Ted Burkhart
Kelley Kimble
Kirk Mason
Susan Hardaway
Nancy Stinson
Laura Woodall

Trustees of the Episcopal Church Corporation

The Church Corporation is a nonprofit, benevolent, and charitable corporation authorized to receive and administer funds and properties given to the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. In addition, the Church Corporation also acts as a trustee in receiving and administering funds for the use and benefit of the churches in the diocese. The largest part of the Church Corporation’s holdings are the titles to the land and buildings of the churches of the diocese.

Current Members:

The Rt. Rev. David M. Reed, President
The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, Vice President
Mr. Ted Burkhart, Treasurer
Mrs. Kelley Kimble, Chancellor & Secretary
Mr. Dan Butt, Ex Officio 
Mrs. Susan Hardaway, Financial Officer
Mr. James Norman, Asst. Chancellor
Ms. Laura Woodall, Asst. Secretary
Canon Kirk Mason, Asst. Treasurer

Elected, February 2018
The Rev. Chris Caddell
Win DuBose

Elected, February 2017
The Rev. John Badders
Travis Kimble

Elected, February 2016
Mrs. Brenda Hunter
The Rev. Don Lee

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of West Texas consents to election of bishops, approval of candidates for ordination, and control of fiscal encumbrance of the diocese. The Standing Committee, elected by the people of the diocese, has responsibility for the continuity and integrity of the organizational church.

Standing Committee Members:

Elected, February 2018
Mrs. Susan Alwais, St. George, San Antonio
The Rev. Ripp Hardaway, St. John's, New Braunfels

Elected, February 2017
The Rev. Paul Frey, Christ Church, Laredo
Mr. Curt Mowen, St. Luke's, San Antonio

Elected, February 2016
The Rev. Dr. Michael Marsh, St. Philip's, Uvalde
Mrs. Elizabeth Nisbet, Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi