Copyright Compliance

Is Your Church Fully Copyright Compliant? 

U.S. Copyright law allows churches to freely perform copyrighted songs in a worship service setting. However, you must secure appropriate permissions and pay royalty fees to perform or play recordings of any copyrighted songs outside of a worship service. This is just one area in which many churches, unknowingly, run the risk of copyright infringement.

Almost every church has the need for licensing to legally cover the copyrighted materials they use. However, while we want to do the right thing, we’re often overwhelmed with all we need to do for compliance.

cs-logo-web.jpgThe Episcopal Diocese of West Texas has partnered with CopyrightSolver by Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS) to provide you with the answers and resources you need for copyright compliance. Through this partnership, CCS provides you with:

  • 15% discount on their WORSHIPcast and PERFORMmusic licenses and PERMISSIONSplus service

  • Copyright hotline to answer FAQ and provide solutions

  • Free training videos, fact sheets, webinars, and other resources


our special webpage with CopyrightSolver to learn more.


an overview of copyright responsibilities and what's available for churches.