Quick Reference

The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas Quick Reference has been re-designed for ease of printing digital copies to have in your church or school office. The files below are in 8.5x11 inch format.

These will be updated quarterly with corrections, additions, and deletions. Please continue to let the diocesan office know of office changes by contacting Laura Woodall or Leigh Saunders at 888/210-824-5387. For quarterly directories of diocesan clergy and widows, contact Leigh Saunders.

Quick Reference Files

1. General Diocesan Information (updated quarterly, November 2017)

Please note the phone number to Blue Cross Blue Shield has changed, as of January 1, 2015.

2. Directory of Churches (updated quarterly, November 2017)

3. Directory of Clergy (updated quarterly, contact Leigh Saunders)

4. Directory of Widows (updated quarterly, contact Leigh Saunders)

5. Directory of Schools (updated quarterly, November 2017)