Our Schools

The Mission of the Episcopal Schools Commission:

“Work with the schools of the diocese as they provide a formative experience that is scholastically sound and grounded in the Christian faith of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.”

There are currently 28 schools in the Diocese of West Texas. Our schools remain a source of pride for our communities and are consistently producing committed and caring individuals who become leaders.


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Map created by Stephanie Livsey.

Click here for a PDF listing of the schools in the Diocese of West Texas.

  • Schools are listed alphabetically by city. CC = Corpus Christi and SA = San Antonio. We encourage you to call or visit the school in which you are interested.

The 28 schools in the Diocese of West Texas include:

  • 9 preschools
  • 11 schools that combine preschool and elementary ages
  • 7 schools that include preschool, elementary, and middle school students
  • 1 school that includes both middle and high school students

The Episcopal Schools Commission, chaired by Mary Katherine Duffy, presented the following video with the 2013 report to Diocesan Council. Narration is by the Rev. Nathan Bostian, chaplain at TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas.

Episcopal Schools Commission from Episcopal Diocese of West Texas on Vimeo.