Abide in Me

Saturday, June 9, 2018: Living Stewardship
TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas

We know that Christian stewardship involves giving back to God from all that God has given us - giving from our time, our talents, and our treasure. This conference identified the resources of our lives that God has lavished on each one of us - as individuals and as congregations - and presented ways we can commit those resources to God.


Keynote speaker: the Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel.

Rickel is Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia, Washington, a diocese in which stewardship is central to its mission. Read more about Bishop Rickel here.

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel's first keynote from Episcopal Diocese of West Texas on Vimeo.


Workshops at Abide in Me 2018:

Session A
10:45 a.m. to noon

A1. The Role of Clergy in Stewardship – Preaching and Teaching Stewardship
Someone once said, “You can’t sell soap if you don’t take baths.” Clergy have an integral role in preaching, teaching, modeling, and living the lessons of giving and generosity. Most people do not move deeper into giving without courage and challenge. In this session, Bishop Rickel will share ideas on how to do this and muse with you about the future of such leadership. Presenter: The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia.

A2. Online Giving 
While the rest of society is electronically based, the church continues to conduct stewardship with checks and pledge cards. Giving electronically - using bank services, online giving, or apps - allows parishioners to set up automatic giving that makes stewardship a part of their everyday lives. Presenter: the Rev. Jay George, rector of Grace Church, San Antonio.

A3. Stewardship of Time and Talent – World Mission 
Changing people’s lives around the world and around the country brings joy to those we serve and those who do the serving. Some are called to go, some are called to give, and some are called to pray. Learn about World Mission opportunities in the Diocese of West Texas. Presenter: Marthe Curry, director of World Mission for the Diocese of West Texas.

A4. Financial Fine Points for Vestries and Bishop's Committees
A church vestry or bishop’s committee serves a unique role - part ministry and part business, including certain fiduciary responsibilities. This workshop will teach vestry and bishop’s committee members what they need to know about budgets, taxes, and church financial operations. Presenters: Susan Hardaway, financial officer, and Kirk Mason, canon to ordinary, for the Diocese of West Texas.

A5. Writing and Using a Narrative Budget
Your church budget doesn’t just pay the bills – it supports ministries that make a difference in people’s lives. Telling these transformational stories allows parishioners to know the impact their giving makes. Presenters are a team from St. Peter’s, Kerrville.

A6. Growing Generosity
A discussion about Annual Stewardship focused on having a biblical/discipleship-focused perspective, clear expectations of leaders, a good process for engaging the congregation, and excellent communication. Presenter: Richard Rogers from Horizons Stewardship.

A7. Extreme Stewardship, Three Examples
Investments of individual parishioners’ time and talent not only serve the needs of a community, they create dedicated disciples within a congregation who understand we are a people blessed to be a blessing. Presentations will cover Open Table, Snack Pak 4 Kids, and a parish thrift shop. Presenters: Catherine Lillibridge (Open Table), Leslie Kingman (Snack Pak 4 Kids), and a parish thrift shop (TBD).

Session B
1:00 to 2:15 p.m.

B1. Legacy Giving: The Long View
Bishop Rickel claims the most abused rubric in the Book of Common Prayer is “silence may be kept.” The second, he says, is the rubric on page 445. Come to this workshop to learn how we might make this a rubric we can live with, and live into. Presenter: The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia.

B2. Annual Giving – New Consecration Sunday
Churches who follow the suggestions and plan outlined in the New Consecration Sunday (NCS) method see more of their parishioners give more of their resources. The use of a guest speaker on New Consecration Sunday is critical. This four-week program begins with a one-hour consultation for the seven-person leadership team. Experience this consultation and leave knowing the simplicity of the program and the actions needed for a successful campaign. Presenter: Nancy Stinson, development and stewardship officer for the Diocese of West Texas.    

B3. Stewardship of Time and Talent - DWTX and Navajoland
Imagine confronting ghosts of the past and living through generations of abuse. That's what DWTX has been invited to do in forming a partnership with the Episcopal Churches of Navajoland. Our newest mission relationship begs introspection, reconciliation, and healing. We will discuss the unique challenges of mission with our Native American brothers and sisters. Presenter: Marthe Curry, director of World Mission for the Diocese of West Texas.

B4. Mission Insite usage presentation
MissionInsite provides relevant and strategic demographic information on specific neighborhoods, allowing congregations to know the needs of their communities and how a church might address those needs. Through the diocesan subscription, individual churches can access important information as they create their stewardship strategies. Presenters: Kirk Mason, canon to the ordinary, and Rachel Willcox, assistant, for the Diocese of West Texas.

B5. Creating a Church Endowment Fund
A step-by-step approach to setting up and managing a church endowment fund. Topics include why people give, people resources needed for an endowment, endowment governance, and investing endowment funds. Presenter: Dan Butt, executive director of the Episcopal Church Foundation in West Texas.

B6. Capital Campaign Best Practices
The goal of a capital campaign is more than raising money for a particular need – your campaign has the potential to create a culture of generous disciples. Learn strategies that will not only succeed in a successful campaign but also in maximizing your potential. Presenter: Richard Rogers from Horizons Stewardship.

B7. Stewardship of Creation
God’s nature of generosity is often seen most clearly in God’s marvelous act of creation, an act that continues day in and day out all around us. When we follow and learn from the graciousness of God, our own giving becomes as natural as the trees on the earth and the stars in the sky. Presenter: the Rev. Ben Nelson and a team from St. Mark’s, San Marcos.