Cathedral Park

For thousands of years, Cathedral Park has been a place of refuge and renewal.  Situated in the lower Olmos Basin, the property is home to several springs, now mostly dry, that once contributed to the head waters of the San Antonio River. The abundantly-flowing Olmos Creek at the property’s western edge attracted Native Americans who fished in the creek, hunted bison and deer, and ate fruit and nuts from plants and trees.

Today, about 10 acres of Cathedral Park are developed with meandering trails, flowing fountains, and benches placed for sitting and relaxing. It is open to the public during the diocesan office's business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday), with a side gate for access during the weekend.

The Cathedral Park Meditation Walk

The Cathedral Park Meditation Walk is an opportunity to connect with God through the magnificence of his creation. Cathedral Park is sacred ground; in this place God’s spirit lingers and beckons visitors to partake of his presence made palpable through his creation.

The Meditation Walk is a self-guided audio tour of our grounds. The audio files (9 total) can be found below or by subscribing to the Cathedral Park Walk podcast. If you have an Apple iPhone, download the Podcast app (free) from the App Store. Open the Podcast app, and search for “Diocese of West Texas,” and you will find the Cathedral Park Walk podcast. qr-code-cpwalk-podcast-copy.jpg

If you have a QR code reader on your smart phone, you can also scan the code to the right to access the podcast.

If you have an Android phone, go to your app store (such as Google Play) and search for “podcast.” Download a podcast app (such as Stitcher) and then open it. In the podcast app, copy and paste this Cathedral Park Walk podcast URL: or search for "Diocese of West Texas."

If you do not have a data plan on your phone or your iPad, you can connect to the diocesan network during the walk: username: DWTX Guest; password: AboundInHope (case sensitive). However, you will be out of range past stop 6. Listen to the audio files for stops 7 and 8 before going to the lower level, or print out the script and take it with you for your walk.

The Walk includes an introduction and eight stops, each of which gives some background information and offers opportunities to enjoy the sights and sounds of God’s great and bountiful creation in this place.

Audio Tour

listen_button.jpg Introduction

listen_button.jpg Stop 1: Pergola of Hope and Trinity Fountain. A place to sit and enjoy the sounds of bubbling water. The pergola was given by John Brooke in memory of his mother, Hope.

listen_button.jpg Stop 2: Chapel House. The “little pink house,” as it is called, dates from the 1920s and is a place for worship, retreats, meetings, and occasional overnight guests.

listen_button.jpg Stop 3: The Sunrise Overlook. In the early morning, the sunrise from this location is spectacular. The deck overlooks Patterson Avenue.

listen_button.jpg Stop 4: The Baptismal Font. Baptisms done in this natural setting recall the baptism of Christ in the Jordan River. By water we are renewed and made part of God’s family.

listen_button.jpg Stop 5: The Columbarium. Eternal rest grant them, O Lord. Have mercy on us and those we love but no longer see.

listen_button.jpg Stop 6: The Sunset Overlook. A quiet place to end the day in silence and serenity and to ask God’s blessing and safe care throughout the night.

listen_button.jpg Stop 7: The pump house, bridge, and rock basin. All are part of the Olmos Basin that supplied water to early San Antonio. This area was once a sacred site for Native Americans and was a place of spiritual and physical refreshment.

listen_button.jpg Stop 8: The Great Lawn. The last stop on the tour.  Time to sit, think, pray.


Map of the tour (view and/or print)

Narration script of the meditation walk (view and/or print)


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