Francisco Moreno, Presiding Bishop of Mexico


The Rt. Rev. Francisco Moreno (pictured center above) was installed Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church of Mexico on Sunday, June 16. Moreno was elected Presiding Bishop last Friday.

bishop_moreno_2.jpgThe Anglican Church of Mexico comprises five dioceses. Bishop Moreno previously served as the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Mexico, and he has attended our Diocesan Council as a guest of honor for several years. The Diocese of West Texas is in a companion relationship with the Diocese of Northern Mexico. Valley clergy and clergy from Northern Mexico share with one another as part of the Frontera Unida program. To learn more about Frontera Unida, contact the Rev. Scott Brown, rector of St. Alban's, Harlingen.

Bishop Lillibridge and Reed and the Diocese of West Texas send sincere congratulations and prayers of support for Bishop Moreno in his expanded role in the Church in Mexico.

Pictures submitted by Alfonso Walls.