Diocesan Altar Guild

DWTX Altar Guild Handbook
written and organized by Dee Whiteside for the diocesan Altar Guild, as well as the parishes and missions in the diocese


About the Altar Guild Director

  • Persons serving in the position of Altar Guild Director are appointed by the Bishop. The AG Director serves the diocese in a number of ways:
  • The AG Director serves as the chair for the St. John’s Chapel Altar Guild.  This group of Altar Guild members, representing churches in the San Antonio area, sets up and manages the Chapel of the Bishop Jones Center.  Members are present each Wednesday morning to prepare the altar for the Eucharist held in the Chapel.  This Altar Guild welcomes assistance from surrounding communities.

  • The AG Director serves as a resource to Altar Guilds in the Diocese of West Texas.  The AG Director is available by phone or email to answer questions and assist in any way possible.  The AG Director may not know all the answers, but will research queries as necessary and respond in a timely manner.  The AG Director is available for workshops and training sessions as requested.

  • The AG Director serves on the Commission for Women’s Ministries.  This is no way limits Altar Guild membership to women only.  The Episcopal Church graciously welcomes male altar guild members.  Our churches in this diocese are blessed with both women and men actively devoted to Altar Guild ministry.

  • When possible, the AG Director attends The National Altar Guild Association meeting held every three years in the city hosting the General Convention of The Episcopal Church.  The AG Director encourages Altar Guild members to become aware of the National Altar Guild Association.  Membership is open to churches and individuals.  Members receive a quarterly newsletter, The Epistle, which contains news of  altar guild activities across the nation as well as utilitarian helps and hints on altar guild practices. 

    Contact us:

    For questions about the Diocesan Altar Guild, contact Dee Whiteside at 210-507-7914.