Cursillo (a Spanish word meaning little course) gives church members the tools and "rules of life" to enthusiastically share the joys of knowing Christ with others in their everyday environments. Cursillo is patterned on Jesus' own example. He searched out and called groups of potential leaders, trained them and sent them out to bring the world to Him.

The Cursillo weekend begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon. During the weekend, participants engage in study, reflection, fellowship, and worship.

Upcoming Cursillos:
More details and registration information can be found on Around the Diocese.  

  • Each Cursillo closing service is at 3:30 p.m. at the event location. Please join us.

October 5-8
Cursillo weekend #276
Mustang Island Conference Center
Lay Rector is Donald Greer (St. John's, New Braunfels)
Spiritual Director is the Rt. Rev. David Reed

November 2-5
Cursillo weekend #277
Camp Capers
Lay Rector is Andrea Bielefeld.
Spiritual Director is the Rev. Ripp Hardaway

March 15-18, 2018
Cursillo weekend #278
Camp Capers
Lay Rector is Rosine Carter
Spiritual Director is the Rev. Lisa Mason


Cursillo Forms and Applications:

Cursillo Contacts:

Secretariat President:
John de Montel

Servant Community President:
Susan Alwais

Spiritual Director:
The Rt. Rev. David Reed
Bishop Jones Center
P.O. Box 6885
San Antonio TX 78209

Diocesan registrar:
Leigh Saunders
Bishop Jones Center
P.O. Box 6885
San Antonio TX 78209
210-822-8779 (fax)

Palanca Coordinator for the Diocese:
Libby Templeton

Secretariat Members:
John de Montel
Susan Alwais
The Rev. James Friedel
Tru Hiatt
Heather Marks
The Rev. Randy Melton
William Neukam
Libby Templeton
Caroline Mowen
Patty Stegall
The Rev. David Chalk

National Episcopal Cursillo Office:
P.O. Box 460506
Aurora, Colorado, 80046

The National Cursillo Committee Representative:
Steve McKenney
8505 Edgemere Road #304, Dallas, TX 75225